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Deek Parassini

“Life is All Positive & Negativity doesn’t Exist”

Deek Parassini believes that “The World is My Family – On a Mission to Make Them Realise that “Life Is All Positive & Negativity Doesn’t Exist.”

With over two decades of diverse work experience in marketing, sales, engineering, and psychology. He is working as a Regional Commercial Manager – Middle East & South Asia in a Canadian MNC. He has completed a Bachelor of Science (USA), an MBA from Birla Institute of Technology (India), and then an MSc in Business Psychology (UK).

Over 225+ sessions all over India have positively impacted thousands of individuals across various age groups; Deek has conducted sessions for esteemed organizations such as the Ministry of Indian Railways, Central Academy for Police Training, IIT Bombay, Kings George’s Medical University, Madya Pradesh Police Academy and more.

He conducts all his sessions with the intention of giving back to the community, and his mission is to make positivity freely available to everyone. The next question you would ask is, Why Free? To which he replies, “It is just my way of Thanking God, and I consider each one of you as my family. Then how can I charge a fee to my family for my service?”

Furthermore, Deek is the founder of LIAP Foundation, a volunteer-driven initiative with a simple goal: “Let’s All Come Together and Make The World Realize that Life Is All Positive.” LIAP Foundation has helped over 20,000 people in the last two years through 66 projects in India. The core mission is to heal minds and feed souls, considering the whole world as one big family. This reflects Deek’s commitment to creating a better world based on positivity, compassion, and shared humanity.


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Full Name : Deekshith Parassini

Born : 24 July 1984, Kannur, Kerala, India

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LIAP Foundation, India

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MSc in Business Psychology

Heriot-Watt University, UK

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MBA in Marketing & Finance

Birla Institute of Technology, INDIA

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Bachelor in Science

Mountain State University, USA

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Regional Commercial Mngr (ME & SA)

Canadian Based MNC

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